Senpai Kimberley

Senpai Kimberley starting training in Seido Karate in 2004, under Sei Shihan Ben at Wellington Dojo. She is a founding member of Seido Karate Kapiti, obtaining her Shodan in 2017 (the first for the club). Lifelong learning is important to Kimberley and she gains this through karate, within every grade there is more to learn even if it is a deeper understanding of things already learnt, for example the bunkai (defence/attack) of a combination of moves within a Kata.  Community is also important.; “Watching people’s confidence grow through the developed of a martial art is a real joy for me, whether it is mums and sons or dads and daughters karate is one sport that parents and kids can do together. It is also a community of people learning and supporting each other to achieve their own personal goals, regardless of age and experience”. We all have our own journey, at our own pace, but we can all have a bit of fun along the way.